The key to brand storytelling: from NBCU Content Studio

Through brand storytelling — regardless of the genre, target, platform or format — brands now have the power to redefine how they connect with their consumers and tell their stories. This according to Wendy Wildfeuer, senior vice president of the NBCU Content Studio.

With access to NBC Universal’s expansive community of storytellers in front of and behind the camera-from producers, writers and directors to show runners and on screen talent-the Content Studio brings together a range of unique personalities and capabilities from across the entire NBC Universal portfolio. Marketers can use this talent not only to develop their brand’s story in exciting, engaging ways but also to own it across all audiences and on all platforms.

That’s why, at the Content Studio, Wendy feels they sit at the intersection of inspiration and insight. By combining NBC Universal’s storytelling and production capabilities with the data capabilities of the company’s audience studio, the Content Studio ensures that their content hits the mark every time and on metric. The key products of the content studio include:

  • insight driven content development
  • production and talent
  • large-scale, data-fueled distribution
  • measurement and research

By leveraging the full depth and breadth of the NBC Universal portfolio across digital, social, TV and video on demand and through strategic partnerships with Buzzfeed, Vox Media, Snapchat and Apple News, the Content Studio delivers great narrative, great audiences and great results for brands.

So while viewers today are drowning in a sea of content, this kind of collaboration can make sense to identify new kinds of stories, new insights and drive attention to brands.

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