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Tool in Action: N-of-8 Mastermind Groups

Because I know you are someone with a lot of ideas and energy, you may ask yourself: “What’s holding me back today, and more important, how will I get unstuck to move forward?” “When can I find more time to work on my dreams?” “Where will I find the right kind of people who will help and support me?” These are questions we all think about. That’s why I’m inviting you to consider joining me in a unique proven program. In this month’s newsletter, you learn more about N-of-8 Mastermind Groups, my trademarked method of brainstorming, problem-solving and creating for […]

C.H.E.M. Book review: “The Art of Creative Thinking” by Gerard I. Nierenberg

“The Art of Creative Thinking” breaks the myth that creative people are geniuses and that only geniuses are creative. Suppose instead of viewing creativity as an accident, we see it as a process, a logical progression of ideas and mental images that can transform the elements of reality into something new.     Lately, I’ve been going through my library to look back on — and to update — some important innovation forces. And I’m writing a series of book reviews using my C.H.E.M.® Persuasion Model for communications effectiveness: Connect – to fit in their world, not try to disrupt […]