Reporting the outcomes of N-of-8 story development

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 10.50.12 AMFrom the outset of starting my N-of-8 book, I wanted to dedicate a chapter on finding appropriate ways to create impact through interactions between brand innovators and KOLs.

Now, I’d like to share experience on the documentation of the sessions, including putting the action steps in writing.

Remember that advisory boards are not sales occasions, but rather opportunities to build relationships based on science, mutual collaboration, and engagement.  Certainly that demands follow-up for the long-term, and therefore the demand for relevant documentation. So let’s progress from identifying the right advisors, maintaining the practice focus, creating an agenda, and producing actionable results.  Here is some very functional guidance on the reporting of the N-of-8 sessions. If you go into the session with the report in mind, then you can create a note-taking template for capturing the discussion.

The grid I use has Key Learnings, Implications, and Actions across the top.  And then categories of findings down the side (often based on another trademarked tool, ACTION SHOES).

To illustrate, here is a excerpt from an N-of-8 advisory I helped facilitate several years ago with plastic surgeons for a company exploring a cosmetic brand portfolio.


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