PhRMA launches new era in medicine with “GoBoldly” campaign

The country’s leading biopharmaceutical research companies want Americans to get to know the real men and women behind the microscopes. An industry that has historically been closed off to outsiders and non-scientific minds has launched a massive, multi-year advertising and public affairs campaign to start conversations between researchers, academia, patients and the general public about a new era in medicine.

GOBOLDLY will tell the story of innovation and advancements in medicine through the individuals driving that change—the industry scientists—but also through the patients and caregivers dealing with disease every day.

“It’s an opportunity to showcase the brains behind the breakthroughs, who are working in every facet of medicine—MS, Alzheimer’s, cancer, rare diseases, immunotherapy, ALS—the list goes on,” said Andrew Powaleny, director of Public Affairs at Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA). “GOBOLDLY is an effort to highlight the incredible pace of discovery of new treatments and medicines while showcasing the minds behind that innovation—the scientists in the lab.

“Through partnerships and collaborations with other health care leaders, we will work to advance commonsense solutions that foster the continued development of new medicines, enhance the private marketplace and provide patients with access to the newest and most innovative treatments,” said Stephen J. Ubl, president and chief executive officer of PhRMA. “Thanks to the tireless work of biopharmaceutical researchers and scientists, we have entered a new era of medicine that is transforming the way we prevent and treat disease. This campaign spotlights their perseverance and unwavering commitment to American patients for whom we all work. We will also be convening events with stakeholders all across the country to discuss ways we can work together to make our health care system more responsive to the needs of patients.”

The goal with and, is to showcase as many different voices across many media formats, including interviews with reporters, national dialogue events, digital content and scientist and patient stories. is also a resource for greater information on breakthroughs for a given illness or disease and, most importantly, more details on various innovations in medicine. The websites work in tandem, often linking back to one another. Both sites are being refreshed regularly as well, so new content is being generated to include new scientists, new patients and new data.  GoBoldly is the first stop, and Innovation takes a person into that second level of information, detail, resources and assets.

Skovronsky said citizens can always assist in the effort to find new treatments and cures by participating in clinical trials. For information, visit To learn more about the clinical trial process overall, visit


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