Part 4 audioblog: Health-Driven Mega-Trend of “positive nutrition”


In a multi-part series of blog posts, I’ve been sharing 10 consumer mega-trends. These are the most important issues shaping global consumers’ buying behavior both now and in the future. I believe that good trend-watching is about taking the bigger-picture approach. Adopting a broader global perspective to trend-tracking should help facilitate better decision-making. Because it overcomes what I call, “category myopia.” The source of these mega-trends is a recent report from Datamonitor, entitled “Developments in Global Consumer Trends.” This survey shows how health-driven trends influence consumer lifestyles and product choices worldwide.  Plus, it considers the implications and opportunities for industry players.

For 75% of the consumers surveyed – across 17 countries and 4 regions – “maintaining or improving health” has become more important to them in recent years.

Now, here is the flip side of simply eating less – and that is “positive nutrition,” or consumers who are eating and drinking for proactively for well-being.

Here are the key points of “positive nutrition”:

  • Eating for well-being: changeable dietary routines mean that consumers are willing to change their dietary habits, even when outside pressures can sometimes make this difficult.
  • Embracing diet diversity: a more balanced and varied diet is something that an increasing number of consumers pay attention to.
  • Purity and freshness: the pursuit of product choices means that consumers will not compromise on freshness, so products that cannot guarantee this face being overlooked.
  • Functional foods and personalized nutrition:  consumers are becoming less skeptical about functional foods, but manufacturers must still win confidence in the key areas of trust, price and taste to widen appeal.
  • Being hydrated: more than simply drinking adequate quantities of water, the need for instant and continuous hydration has grown in consumer importance.


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