New technology tools as part of the brand experience

In today’s pharma world where traditional avenues of growth have been harder to come by, improving compliance and adherence is an important area of focus for today’s marketers — especially since last year was a relatively low point in new drug approvals.

Not to mention a year in which proposed price increases on marketed products attracted unwanted public attention.

Improving patients’ ability to stay with the doctor’s prescriptions is in a key area of opportunity for drug companies.

The optimal adherence rate for patients on medications for chronic diseases should be around 80%, according to Dr. Rajesh Balkrishnan, professor at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. Naturally there are good reasons for missing drugs as prescribed: many drugs have unwanted side effects and treatments can often be cumbersome and even expensive.

But with technology such as smartphone apps, patients should be more engaged and incentivized, and we should continue to consider these new tools as part of the brand experience.

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