N-of-8 exercises extend to include multiple cultures

DSC00892In many cases, our N-of-8 exercises go beyond just different viewpoints – they extend to multiple countries and cultures being represented.

Using our N-of-8 model, we’ve worked for many years with EMD Chemicals, a global life science research products company.  Hans Ahl, Senior Sales Director of International Sales  regularly engaged us to develop global sales strategy and training for the European, Asia Pacific, and Latin America markets. Part of the sales strategy has been to create opportunities for country managers to exchange their best practices and sales success stories.

For three consecutive annual managers’ meeting, we helped facilitate N-of-8 exercises.  The teams documented their country marketing success stories, culminating in a “poster session” in which managers presented their tactics and programs which worked best in their respective markets. As another storytelling vehicle, we also created a series of motivational videos that opened each day’s activities and reinforced the theme.

As a follow-up to the global sales meeting, we leveraged the story in even more media:

  • Recap DVD with video highlights and copies of the presentations
  • Post-meeting survey to gain managers’ feedback
  • Weekly newsletter to report sales results, new programs, and new products

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