IoT technology transforms the fruits of farmers’ labors

Enhanced crop management is crucial because food production consumes natural resources and faces constant threats. About 70% of the world’s freshwater use goes toward growing crops, yet up to 40% of crops are destroyed by weeds, diseases, and insects.

DunavNET, a Microsoft partner in Serbia, uses IoT technology to better equip food growers to know when to irrigate, how to control diseases, and where to fight pests.

For example, last year the company helped a large ag company track its annual harvest at one of Europe’s largest apple orchards. It tracked the location of every pallet box in real time to ensure fruit’s optimal storage, transport, and distribution. After deployment during peak harvest, each pallet box now sports a passive RFID tag, and a second tag per pallet will be added to increase scanning accuracy in varied conditions.

Meanwhile, 22 gates (four of them mobile) around the orchard are equipped with RFID readers to track pallet movement. RFID readers connected to an IoT gateway and to Azure IoT Hub via wireless technologies cater to different requirements and network coverage. IoT Hub authenticates readers and forwards data to a cloud service, which processes and stores the information.


agroNET IoT technology transforms the fruits of farmers’ labors

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