Introducing N-of-8 Mastermind Groups


Based on feedback and suggestions from more than 125 other business professionals, I’m forming N-of-8 Mastermind Groups with people from different industries, professions, and fields of study. All to help you get lots of different perspectives on your own goals.

If you’re like other friends and colleagues I talk with, there are many things that might be keeping you from the next moves you want to make. Instead of just accepting the way things are, I’d like to help you engage with a group of 8 successful people to inspire, push, and guide you.

  • For more success at work with new approaches & learning from others’ experiences
  • For more confidence in starting (or growing) your own business
  • For strengthening relationships with greater transparency & emotional intelligence

In my interviews to develop N-of-8 Mastermind Groups, so many people said that this is a concept they have always wanted to pursue. But they didn’t have enough time, or the right connections, or the ability to work out the logistics of bringing people together from different areas.

Here’s how the first N-of-8 Mastermind Groups will work:

  • You can choose to join one of 3 kinds of groups – career advancement, entrepreneurial growth, or personal development
  • I will screen the group participants for compatibility of purpose, experience, and chemistry
  • We will schedule 8 weekly, web-based video group calls
  • I will provide the basic structure and agenda for each 90-minute weekly session
  • I will facilitate the sharing of ideas, information, feedback, contacts, and resources – then adapt the content to meet the group’s specific needs
  • I will follow up between sessions to accelerate the relationships, check in on group dynamics, and prepare for next steps

I’ve personally seen the power of these groups – both as a participant and as a facilitator. Just last month, I was working with a group of technology executives. And, in less than 6 hours, we all had learned about industry developments, expanded our networks, and ideated on new commercial opportunities. It was more than we could ever do alone.

We have commitments already in all three groups (and I’d like to thank those who have decided to join). Now, we need more people like you to help others learn to be more effective, more empowered, and more aligned with their purposes.

If you join now, you’ll be joining an experienced, connected, aware, successful, and welcoming group of people.

Just click here to learn details of the groups, to take advantage of an inaugural investment rate, to reserve your spot, and to let me know which of the three groups you’d like to join:
Career advancement,
Entrepreneurial growth, or
Personal development

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