Have you ever put together a not-to-do list?

Tim Ferriss really makes a great point that not-to-do lists are often more effective than do lists in upgrading our performance.

Here are 9 stressful and common habits entrepreneurs like me continually strive to eliminate. Which one or two could we focus on together?

Number one, do not answer calls from unrecognized phone numbers.

Number two, do not email first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

Number three, do not agree to meetings or calls with no clear agenda or end time.

Number four, do not let people ramble.

Number five, do not check emails constantly. Only batch and check them at set times.

Number six, do not over-communicate with low-profit, high-maintenance people or customers.

Number seven, do not work more to fix overwhelmingness, prioritize.

Number eight, do not carry a cellphone or crack berry 24/7.

Number nine, do not expect work to fill a void that non-work relationships and activities should.


He says it’s hip to focus on getting things done, but it’s only possible when we remove the constant static and distractions. What are you working on?

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