Experiencing facts with a fresh perspective — and the results you can achieve


Here is an instance from my he bio-pharma work when N-of-8 listening and research produced significant results.

A mid-sized biopharmaceutical company with a promising pipeline of new therapies exemplified this.  Back in 2003, the drugs in research seemed to be in disparate categories:  Crohn’s disease, MS, and Alzheimer’s disease.  Then during N-of-8 groups, we asked a naïve question, “Is there any connection between them?”  This childlike curiosity led us on an intriguing pursuit of a neuro-gastro commonality and we found an emerging appreciation of the brain-gut connection.

By looking at the company’s existing research with a fresh perspective, we were able to develop a corporate brand story that appealed to their internal scientists, outside clinical investigators, and even Wall Street investors.  It became a sustainable rallying point and motivational direction for future R&D and business development efforts for the rest of the decade.  In fact, in July 2009, the company struck a billion-dollar deal with a major multinational medical corporation to acquire virtually all the research assets of its Alzheimer’s program.

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