Creativity: The Perfect Crime by Philippe Petit

Creativity - Philippe PetitPhilippe Petit is a magician, street juggler, visual artist, builder, and a writer. He’s a born rebel who taught himself everything from an early age.  He would hide from people in order to stare at them, so he could study them from top to bottom, their every move, and noticing the smallest of their mistakes. He developed a secretive way of learning how to cultivate the attitudes, resources, and techniques to tackle even seemingly impossible feats.

(If you are unfamiliar with Philippe Petit, look up his epic 1974 high wire walk between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center.)

As a reader, it seemed I joined Philippe Petit as his partner in crime in some unconventional ways of going about my creative endeavors.  As a conduit of his knowledge and intuition, this book awakened my imagination to his more unconventional and uniquely structured process.

I highly recommend this surprisingly, adventurous journey with Philippe Petit in unlocking your hidden criminal artist to experience a most wondrous life.

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One thought on “Creativity: The Perfect Crime by Philippe Petit

  • Alojamiento web

    it’s a complete surprise that the man who plans and accomplishes batshit crazy feats is also batshit crazy in his description of how he accomplishes his feats, isn’t it? if you prefer rules and “steps to follow to become creative,” this book isn’t going to do it for you, but it will provide a close example of what it may be like to be inside Petit’s wonderfully scattered-yet-determined brain.