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Healthcare Industry Advisory Board

I recently participated in the Healthcare Advisory Council of the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce. The primary topic was progress of the Statewide Healthcare Innovation Plan (SHIP), designed to help evolve Idaho’s healthcare delivery system from a fee-for-service, volume-based system to a value-based model where care reimbursement is based on improved health outcomes. We heard from two legislative leaders on the hurdles, both political and clinical, in keeping patients and care connected in these times of transformation. Other topics were the state mental health system, immunization programs, and telehealth. I certainly benefited from hearing the views and experiences of government, […]

Strategic GPS: 6 ways our tool can “map” the impact of licensing on university innovation

As universities and federal labs step up the commercialization of their innovations through tech transfer, the discoveries by faculty members often create “star scientists.” Beyond the impact of star scientists on specific universities or firms, there are many regional benefits. This is just one of the insights on “A Faster Path from Lab to Market” (from the title of a Harvard Business Review article). Kauffman Foundation researchers Robert Litan and Dane Stangler write that the mere existence of star scientists in a given region has a propensity to increase the number of technology startups in the area.” In part, this […]

Living Now in Forward Fast: My personal mission and 5 ways to take charge of life

I’m driven to accelerate the use of new medical treatments to improve quality of life for those who are suffering. People with disease, pain or disabilities can’t wait. So, my daily wake-up call continues to be “move with urgency.” Learn fast. Track fast. Think fast. Respond fast. Create fast. Forward fast. This is my personal mission and my vision for Bioscience Bridge. That’s why, right now, I want to leverage all my experience and skills in marketing, advertising, education and communications to help create “health science brands.” With the passion I have for advancing medicine, I actually gain energy from […]

“Chief Story Officers”: 3 ways CEOs can aspire to be storytellers

The CMO is in charge of the brand’s story at most companies. This can be a mistake, says Ty Montague writing for Harvard Business Review. It ought to be the CEO. Marketing, you see, should only be one part of a company’s story efforts. Take Amazon. Story is its lifeblood. In fact, it drives everything that the company does — from product development, to advertising, to HR policies. Montague is the author of True Story: How to Combine Story and Action to Transform Your Business and a founder of co:collective, a consultancy that helps clients develop their strategy and brand […]

3 benefits of drug repositioning – and the application of Strategic GPS®

A number of studies have shown that in the last 10 to 15 years, while R&D spending has steadily increased, the number of drugs making it to the market has not followed pace.  That’s why the advantages of drug positioning hold such allure. The key advantage of the drug repositioning approach is that it reduces the time, cost, and risk compared with de novo development. As well as providing an advantage to companies, it also provides an advantage to patients, because it reduces the overall cost by rescuing the investment in failed drugs and makes safer and more effective drugs […]