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“A new breed of analytics for VoC data is transforming not only the amount of customer insight that can be made available, but also the speed at which it is delivered.”

Usually we keep up with our industry trends and news by reading from the more common business magazines, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, PharmaVoice etc… But every now and then an article pops up from an unconventional source that is worth a read. This article on the science and stats around ‘voice of the customer research’ was one such article. I wanted to pass it along to you as a reminder on the value of customer feedback. Enjoy the read!

American Cancer Society widens & deepens its impact through content

When it comes to business reading, we get most our articles from the top news sources. Sometimes it’s refreshing to see something we don’t read every day. The following attachment is a case study from the American Cancer Society. It details how they developed a content intelligent system so they could better share content. I thought this was right up your alley so I’m passing it along. Click the link here to view the slide deck. cs-acs-contentintelligence-amass-160225175439

People talking to people: It’s still how to change the world’s standards of practice

In my pharma client workshops, we are often focused on how to change clinical practice in a specific disease class. It often starts with a basic question of how to communicate new information, updated studies, or evidence-based guidelines. Some innovations spread fast. How do you speed the ones that don’t? Here is a very compelling story from Atul Gawande on how practice changed in a very personal way:   In 1968, The Lancet published the results of a modest trial of what is now regarded as among the most important medical advances of the twentieth century. It wasn’t a new […]

3 Ways to Be More Creative With Healthcare Advertising – by Amy Hansen

This story first appeared in the March 28 issue of Adweek magazine. Amy Hansen (@hcb_austincd) is svp and creative director at HCB Health.    Sewer inspector. Embalmer. Gastroenterologist. Tough jobs for sure. But try healthcare advertising for a week. Just try to be creative in an environment where important safety information takes up :35 of a :60 TV spot, where rules for short-form messaging run 15 pages long, where every print ad, website, banner and video must pass a rigorous risk mitigation assessment by a medical legal review team. The threat of an FDA letter looms large in the lives […]

C.H.E.M. applied to inbound marketing for medical providers   Recently updated !

Doctor/patient conversations that once resided in the office or over the phone are now starting much earlier in the process—online. Those conversations and the information shared are found through internet searches and shared data such as case studies. In this new landscape, how do doctors best connect with those who would benefit the most? Many are turning to inbound marketing. A connection of mine, Ben Whitaker, is president and CEO of Riafox, a digital firm that is creating mobile apps, websites, and marketing to help companies grow, automate, and compete from anywhere. He shares his viewpoint on how to connect […]

Kaplan Medical for research in simulated office setting

I’m working with Kaplan Medical to offer a different way to assess the interaction and dialogue between individuals in a more natural in-office environment. It can be used for understanding the information exchange between a patient and doctor (or nurse). We can gather insights about how these individuals provide and receive important medical information in a real-world clinic setting. The market research will be conducted in Chicago and New York at Kaplan residency facilities, using their trained standardized patients. I’m working in conjunction with Fieldwork Network to support the recruiting and logistics of the studies. Contact me to learn more […]

Book recommendation: “Little Teal Book of TRUST”

Author Jeffrey Gitomer “takes a sledge hammer and breaks the barriers of trust by explaining it in so many ways it is impossible to ignore.” Blunt and to the point, it holds up a mirror for you to see where you are today and provides an easy to understand roadmap to get you to higher ground. I’d like to share one of the extra copies I have in my library to the first 5 people who respond — so, just click here, and I’ll send you a book with my thanks.

C.H.E.M. for Marathon & Beyond magazine

C.H.E.M. is a very useful tool effective in communication and traditionally we have applied it to sales messaging.  In addition, we’ve been refining this tool for use in social media communications. Over the past two years, we have been managing social media for Marathon & Beyond magazine. Here are some highlights and results: Increased the Facebook friend base to more than 5,200, using up to 3 posts per day with content and photos from the current issue; Created a new Twitter following of 1,850, with posts about M&B articles, retweets about marathon race events, and favorites of running news updates; […]

July e-newletter – “View from The Bridge”

The mid-summer issue of my newsletter will be coming out soon — with a theme about building. For marketers wanting to build better engagement with customers, there is a case study on the C.H.E.M. tool. For inspiration from someone who walked on a tightrope between buildings, read my review of Philippe Petit’s book. For news about a non-profit that’s building houses for many in need, read about our community involvement. And if you’re goal is building trust with customers, teams, and collaborators, take advantage of my offer to share a book from my library.

Industry trend: This year’s surprise is the return of direct mail in medical marketing

          Today, that breakthrough moment we’re all chasing – the one that changes behavior or earns new kinds of loyalty – may not come in the crowded inbox or on the quickly-read webpage. Instead, it may be the generous artifact or personal gift that creates a moment of human connection and appreciation. In our rush to digital, there is a new role for the tangible direct mail piece. Reach: Direct Mail can reach 95% of  Doctors; compared to Sales Reps now reaching 55% of Doctors (and declining). With new limitations on rep access, email registration requirements, […]