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My A2U interviews reveal patients’ issue of limited time with doctor

In all my interviews this year using my A2U discussion tool, one of the areas that came up over and over was the limited time patients have in a doctor’s office. To get the most out of this short time, and perhaps even a healthier outcome, here are 10 tips that doctors have recommended. This comes from an article in the Wall Street Journal called Get The Most Out Of A Trip To The Doctor, written by Sumathi Reddy. Having just 15 to 20 minutes with a doctor seems awfully short, but here’s how to get the most of it. […]

“The table is just the start” says OpenTable’s updated brand

Although I often share articles and industry trends from common news sources, every once in a while a more obscure piece comes across my desk that I feel compelled to share. This is a case study for the popular restaurant-reservation app, Open Table. Maybe you’ve used this app, but regardless, the case study is a terrific branding example and I thought you would appreciate it. Click the link to a PDF of the branding case study presentation from Brandfolder. opentable_casestudy_final “What began as a simple restaurant reservation service is now a transformative force in the way restaurants and customers interact. […]

Can an electronic nudge help doctors do the right thing when it comes to patient care?

In a study published February in JAMA, Dr. Jeffrey Linder and colleagues tested three “behavioral interventions” to prevent inappropriate prescription of antibiotics for acute respiratory-tract infections. After receiving a primer in appropriate prescribing, 248 physicians in 77 primary-care practices in Boston and Los Angeles, including Brigham and Women’s Hospital practices, received one or more interventions. Prescribing rates for the different groups were compared for 18 months before and after the interventions were turned on. A control group had no interventions. One intervention, “suggested alternatives,” presented doctors with a range of choices suggesting nonantibiotic treatment; a second, “accountable justification,” prompted clinicians […]

Branding with sound — inspiration from “Magic Carpet Ride”

Released in September 1968, Steppenwolf’s “Magic Carpet Ride” became one of rock’s first songs to open with an extended passage of guitar distortion. The eerie prologue lasts 20 seconds and includes chugging electronic tones before dissolving into the song’s rhythmic power chords and blues-rock vocal. The such an iconic rock sound — and an unforgettable part of their brand. During a recent branding assignment, we had an opportunity to apply this concept of sound branding. When designing the campaign (which included a website, video, and interactive training CD) we kept in mind the characteristics of the logo and included a […]

MAKING OF A MODERN CLINIC: Inside Kaiser Permanente’s plans for new health hubs

The first thing you notice when you step into the exam room at the new health center in Manhattan Beach, California, is the roomy leather exam chair. Instead of forcing patients to perch awkwardly—as a standard, paper-covered table does—it allows them to sit eye-to-eye with their doctor, who can summon X-rays, lab results, and even real-time specialist consultations on a wall-mounted touch screen, or send prescriptions to an on-site pharmacy via a tablet. Sitting smack in the center of the room, the chair ensures that everything literally revolves around the patient. That’s exactly the point. According to Kaiser chairman and […]

Creative inspiration: Museum of Musical Instruments

During a layover in Phoenix on a recent trip, Jenny and I visited this fascinating collection of musical instruments from all over the world. Around every corner, there was another surprising way of making song. And in every room, there was another story of how music impacts our lives. We especially loved the showcases of Johnny Cash’s personal guitars, Roy Orbison’s handwritten lyrics of Pretty Woman,” and the drum set played by The Who’s Keith Moon. Read more about the museum at      

Kaplan Medical for research in simulated office setting

I’m working with Kaplan Medical to offer a different way to assess the interaction and dialogue between individuals in a more natural in-office environment. It can be used for understanding the information exchange between a patient and doctor (or nurse). We can gather insights about how these individuals provide and receive important medical information in a real-world clinic setting. The market research will be conducted in Chicago and New York at Kaplan residency facilities, using their trained standardized patients. I’m working in conjunction with Fieldwork Network to support the recruiting and logistics of the studies. Contact me to learn more […]

July e-newletter – “View from The Bridge”

The mid-summer issue of my newsletter will be coming out soon — with a theme about building. For marketers wanting to build better engagement with customers, there is a case study on the C.H.E.M. tool. For inspiration from someone who walked on a tightrope between buildings, read my review of Philippe Petit’s book. For news about a non-profit that’s building houses for many in need, read about our community involvement. And if you’re goal is building trust with customers, teams, and collaborators, take advantage of my offer to share a book from my library.

Industry trend: This year’s surprise is the return of direct mail in medical marketing

          Today, that breakthrough moment we’re all chasing – the one that changes behavior or earns new kinds of loyalty – may not come in the crowded inbox or on the quickly-read webpage. Instead, it may be the generous artifact or personal gift that creates a moment of human connection and appreciation. In our rush to digital, there is a new role for the tangible direct mail piece. Reach: Direct Mail can reach 95% of  Doctors; compared to Sales Reps now reaching 55% of Doctors (and declining). With new limitations on rep access, email registration requirements, […]