C.H.E.M. applied to inbound marketing for medical providers   Recently updated !

Doctor/patient conversations that once resided in the office or over the phone are now starting much earlier in the process—online. Those conversations and the information shared are found through internet searches and shared data such as case studies. In this new landscape, how do doctors best connect with those who would benefit the most? Many are turning to inbound marketing.

A connection of mine, Ben Whitaker, is president and CEO of Riafox, a digital firm that is creating mobile apps, websites, and marketing to help companies grow, automate, and compete from anywhere. He shares his viewpoint on how to connect and inform patients about their healthcare options well before an their doctor visit.

This kind of approach is aligned with a tool I use for message development called C.H.E.M., to connect and motivate your target audiences.

Read the full story in the blog by Riafox, entitled “5 Reasons Why Healthcare Needs to Leverage Inbound Marketing by clicking here.

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