Audioblog: Introduction to Medical Essays, by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. published 1842-1882 (plus, complimentary ebook download)

Medical Essays cover

This is one of the first editions of a new series of ebooks entitled INNOVATION CLASSICS. The series is dedicated to collecting and publishing the best – or perhaps the underappreciated – innovation writing of the past.

In this audioblog, I share my introduction & commentary to the book Medical Essays: Homeopathy Currents in Medical Science Border Lines of Knowledge. It was written by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. and originally published by the Boston Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge from 1842-1882.

The audio is narrated by Kelly Jean Badgley.

You can download a complimentary copy of the ebook. It includes an overview of the goals of the Innovation Classics series.

According to Peter Drucker, innovation is “…whatever changes the wealth-producing potential of already existing resources.” So, it’s possible that the best new innovations may have little to do with new technology or new inventions. Instead, they might evolve from new insights derived from historical experience. Were it not for the humble textbook, which emerged in the mid-seventeenth century, universal schooling would not have been possible.

My hope, as the editor of this series, is that you will not just read Innovation Classics, but also apply their lessons to your challenges of creativity and innovation.

Most of all, you can observe the changes from the past and imagine the applications for the future.

Download your complimentary copy of Medical Essays: Homeopathy Currents in Medical Science Border Lines of Knowledge.


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