AR’s Potential in the Supply chain

While the consumer-facing side of augmented and virtual reality (AR, VR) is gaining exposure through companies like Facebook’s Oculus, Samsung, and HTC Vive, some businesses are looking to the technology to revolutionize supply-chain issues.

This is because it could enable supply-chain managers to more easily visualize complex logistical problems.

Dr. Matthias Winkenbach at MIT offers two examples of how the technology could be used:

  • It could make traffic simulations and data indexes more digestible. A supply-chain manager could interact with 3D renderings of traffic simulations to inspect everything from items being shipped, to customer addresses, to real-time weather conditions.
  • It could make supply-chain managers omnipresent. Using a wearable headset, managers could inspect issues with immersive, virtual renderings of conveyor belts in overseas warehouses.


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