Airbnb extends its brand with global magazine publisher

Airbnb has extended its brand with a new partnership with global publisher, Hearst, to create a new Airbnb magazine.

The very first issue was distributed to a crowd of Airbnb hosts at the company’s annual Airbnb Open in Los Angeles. Airbnb CEO, Brian Chesky, described his miniature Oprah moment: copies were taped to the bottom of the auditorium seats.

The premiere issue has 28 pages of editorial content, and is entirely devoted to Los Angeles, the host city of Airbnb Open. Content includes how to navigate LA, profiles of Airbnb super hosts, spotlights on select LA neighborhoods, and profiles of Airbnb trips in the city.

Next year Airbnb hopes to produce two more full issues of the magazine and hopes to see it on every coffee table of Airbnb hosts. The Airbnb mag was 18 months in the making.

Yes, the magazine is meant to be entertaining, aspirational and informative but most of all it’s supposed to help the Airbnb brand and it’s host community. It sells the actual experiences of Airbnb travel. If Airbnb and Hearst can work together to create a magazine that’s more evergreen, more approachable and more useful for travelers, there’s a chance they can take this tried and true method of content marketing and turn it into profits and even more awareness for the Airbnb brand.

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