A key best practice for productive ideation in N-of-8® groups: pre-workshop survey

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 7.44.25 PMI’ve been reviewing some of my best practices for N-of-8® groups. One method I use successfully to accelerate the ideation is pre-workshop interviews and surveys.

Here are some details of one session a few years ago for an emergency room product. Our strategy objective was to “GET IT ON THE CART.”  So the driving questions were “how do we get it on the cart immediately post-approval?” and “how do we gain quick uptake within first 6 months?”

Pre-session work

This was a survey sent to meeting participants (medical, marketing, etc).  Everyone was asked to share their input for our two questions.  Everyone was expected to have them.

Four  slides were sent to the participants to complete before the session:

  1. Here’s what a Critical success factor is: XXX
    • Critical success factors:  what are the major issues we will have to address and overcome for this product to be successful in the first 6 months?

2. Name 3 that we must address

3. Key business issues:  who do we need to talk to, how to we serve up the product, what is the competition, what do we have to do about competitors, what materials will we use to engage the target, what is our pricing strategy, etc.

4. Name 3 that we must employ

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