“Konbini” — a new concept in serving needs of seniors emerging from Japan   Recently updated !

Much has been written about how the new millennials are opting to do shopping online. At the other end of the generational spectrum, a trend is developing to move beyond simply convenience into senior care. In Japan, this concept is called konbini. In a article in this quarter’s Stanford Social Innovation Review, author Noel Duan writes that in Japan you can find senior citizens gathering for hours at a time, not at a local social club, but at their neighborhood 7-Eleven. In addition to buying ready-made foods, they might be singing karaoke, participating in a calisthenics class, paying their bills, […]

Confluence of innovations cross industries and engineering interests: example of solar powered implant   Recently updated !

Imagine a solar implant that could power a medical device indefinitely. That’s the hope of many scientists looking at solar implants that can reduce the number of pacemaker procedures prompted by battery depletion. This trend was reported in Energy Harvesting by Subcutaneous Solar Cells: A Long-Term Study on Achievable Energy Output by Lucas Bereuter, Andreas Haeberlin, and colleagues writing in the Annals of Biomedical Engineering of January 2017. The team implanted panels, mounting them on armbands on 32 volunteers. The participants wore the device on their bicep for a week. The volunteers who kept a log of daily activities and […]

New technology tools as part of the brand experience   Recently updated !

In today’s pharma world where traditional avenues of growth have been harder to come by, improving compliance and adherence is an important area of focus for today’s marketers — especially since last year was a relatively low point in new drug approvals. Not to mention a year in which proposed price increases on marketed products attracted unwanted public attention. Improving patients’ ability to stay with the doctor’s prescriptions is in a key area of opportunity for drug companies. The optimal adherence rate for patients on medications for chronic diseases should be around 80%, according to Dr. Rajesh Balkrishnan, professor at […]

Looking back on 2016   Recently updated !

As I look back on 2016 I’ve realized I had a chance to apply almost all the brand innovation tools I’ve developed over the years. I was able to apply them in a variety of market, client, and brand lifecycle situations. A2U – I conducted more interviews, dyads, and focus groups than in the past several years. The findings from these awareness,, attitude and usage interviews were used to develop key findings, implications, and actions for a number of clients. StrategicGPS – the mapping of where we are to where we want to be proved valuable for many brand team […]

My A2U interviews reveal patients’ issue of limited time with doctor   Recently updated !

In all my interviews this year using my A2U discussion tool, one of the areas that came up over and over was the limited time patients have in a doctor’s office. To get the most out of this short time, and perhaps even a healthier outcome, here are 10 tips that doctors have recommended. This comes from an article in the Wall Street Journal called Get The Most Out Of A Trip To The Doctor, written by Sumathi Reddy. Having just 15 to 20 minutes with a doctor seems awfully short, but here’s how to get the most of it. […]

How to choose events to inspire AND drive business innovation   Recently updated !

There’s so many events out there for insight and inspiration that can drive our business innovation. These conferences and events promise to deliver a perfect balance of new, exciting ideas and ways to execute them back at our daily work. That’s why I enjoyed an article by Neil Cardy in a recent issue of Adweek. He provides a filter to vet events so you know which ones are worth your investment of time and money. do they attract a balanced audience of inventors and innovators? Inventors are scientists, technologists, and artists deep in experimentation, but innovators are using these inventions […]

Maybe a little doubt is good for you after all.   Recently updated !

Most of us believe that confidence is a strength, if not a virtue. But entertaining strong doubts about yourself also has a lot of surprising benefits. Life is, by definition, a rather insecure state. You never know what tomorrow will bring. Doubt helps take someone else’s point of view and understand how others see life, so don’t let insecurity stop you. Take on confrontation and make a choice.

Learning from delegation mistakes   Recently updated !

I’m continually trying to improve my delegation. As I was rereading The 4-Hour Workweek, I was reminded that some of Tim Ferriss’ early mistakes were some that I continue to make. I accept the first submission a person provides. I gave imprecise directions. I gave a license to waste time. I set a deadline too far in advance. I gave too many tasks and didn’t set the order of importance. As I continue to work to improve, I hope to continue to identify important tasks that a assistant or colleague can do better than me in less time.  

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“A new breed of analytics for VoC data is transforming not only the amount of customer insight that can be made available, but also the speed at which it is delivered.”

Usually we keep up with our industry trends and news by reading from the more common business magazines, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, PharmaVoice etc… But every now and then an article pops up from an unconventional source that is worth a read. This article on the science and stats around ‘voice of the customer research’ was one such article. I wanted to pass it along to you as a reminder on the value of customer feedback. Enjoy the read! http://data-informed.com/get-most-from-your-voice-of-customer-data/

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American Cancer Society widens & deepens its impact through content

When it comes to business reading, we get most our articles from the top news sources. Sometimes it’s refreshing to see something we don’t read every day. The following attachment is a case study from the American Cancer Society. It details how they developed a content intelligent system so they could better share content. I thought this was right up your alley so I’m passing it along. Click the link here to view the slide deck. cs-acs-contentintelligence-amass-160225175439