How to add StrengthFinder attributes to brand personality workshops

strengthfinder spineIn facilitating workshops on brand personality, we often ask participants to “ladder up” to emotional attributes and core values.

Similarly, in StrategicGPS workshops, we must articulate a vision of “where we want to be” to better serve the patients, HCPs, and other stakeholders.

But often the ideas are limited by the group using the same strato-words (like “confidence” or “control”) – a factor of limited time and reliance on familiarity.

One technique I’ve used for new descriptions is the attribute list in StrengthFinders 2.0, the longstanding business bestseller.

  • Create a card deck of these attributes
  • The Facilitator can prompt classic descriptions like “confidence“ and “control“
  • Then, we can stretch to more creative and unconventional illustrations like “relator “ and “harmonizer“

Let’s try it in our next workshop together.

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