4 specific areas to leverage when engaging “Key Practice Influencers”

Because the brand innovation team at a company will want to build relationships at many levels, we recommend taking a collaborative approach to this initiative, tapping people and skills at many levels of the organization. There are four specific areas to leverage when connecting with Key Practice Influencers (KPIs):






  • Advantages of Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration: Not only researching and identifying KOLs, but also aligning their expertise with special programs & events.
  • Key Strategic Insights Gained: Knowing the content is a prerequisite for
  • selecting proper opinion leaders. Expand knowledge of condition and risk factors.
  • Application to N-of-8 Initiatives: Use doctorate-level individuals to conduct interviews with potential KPIs. Dr.-to-Dr. calls work.



  • Advantages of Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration: Not only in trials and publications, but accelerating them. This puts you in touch with investigators.
  • Key Strategic Insights Gained: Need for innovation is well established and demand for improved treatment exists. Focus on accelerating change in protocols, getting on formulary, gaining access through payers/buyers.
  • Application to N-of-8 Initiatives: Recommend KOLs for the balanced science story. But KPIs for actionable change in practice.



  • Advantages of Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration: Not only access to sources of KPIs, but also previous working relationships with professional societies and patient groups
  • Key Strategic Insights Gained: Multi-disciplinary approach requires more use of networks & institutional politics.
  • Application to N-of-8 Initiatives: Create the ideal profile for disciplines & institutions. Align the methodology with strategy.



  • Advantages of Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration: Not only database building, but also in true CRM management
  • Key Strategic Insights Gained: Framework already exists to house results of initiative. Avoids silo group training and activities.
  • Application to N-of-8 Initiatives: Apply current CRM templates. Utilize experience working with the clinical groups.


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