Selling social change: it’s not enough to have a “good cause”

The idea of selling social change is a vital link in the social sector’s quest to achieve breakthrough results, so says an article in this quarter’s Stanford Social Innovation Review And only when non-profit organization have the ability to help their organizations and funders see past the needs equals demand fallacy where they get comfortable with this idea. One of the important steps highlighted in this article is non-profit’s and social enterprise’s ability to build sales and marketing capabilities. It’s not enough to create a service that people want, the article says. The target of the service is the people […]

4 trends with the potential to change behavior in the patient journey

Whether medication compliance, kicking a bad habit, or some other form of behavior modification, change remains elusive, yet it’s obviously extremely vital. Read about these four trends that hold the promise of nudging healthier behavior along the patient journey (excerpted from MM&M)   STAGE: EXPERIENCING SYMPTOMS | TREND: Marketers get serious about behavior change “Behavior change has been in place in a lot of ways in marketing for decades and decades,” says Johanna ­Skilling, EVP, director of planning, U.S., at Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide. “Every time you ‘click here’ or ‘call here’ or download something, that’s behavior change. We just didn’t call it […]

Have you ever put together a not-to-do list?

Tim Ferriss really makes a great point that not-to-do lists are often more effective than do lists in upgrading our performance. Here are 9 stressful and common habits entrepreneurs like me continually strive to eliminate. Which one or two could we focus on together? Number one, do not answer calls from unrecognized phone numbers. Number two, do not email first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Number three, do not agree to meetings or calls with no clear agenda or end time. Number four, do not let people ramble. Number five, do not check emails constantly. Only […]

FDA releases draft guidance on off-label communications.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued the highly anticipated draft guidance to drug makers on how they may communicate with physicians about off-label use of products. The guidance offers a number of ways that manufacturers can share truthful and non-misleading information-and still meet the FDA’s definition of being consistent with a brand’s FDA approved labeling. Examples include:             How a product performs in specific sub-groups within it’s approved patient population             Data about long term safety and efficacy of products treating a chronic condition             Updates from head to head trials with drugs for the same indication and […]

9 logo design trends for 2017

Here are the logo and branding trends that experts forecast to define 2017 Today, we gaze into the future at nine popular logo trends. From simplification to unique typography to animation, these are what we’re predicting will be hot in the new year. Broken letters Form simplification Cropping Color palette simplification Photographic textures Geometry Hand-drawn Pattern & repetition Moving parts   Read more at Are you seeing the future yet? Are you seeing other trends emerge? Add your comments.      


“Konbini” — a new concept in serving needs of seniors emerging from Japan   Recently updated !

Much has been written about how the new millennials are opting to do shopping online. At the other end of the generational spectrum, a trend is developing to move beyond simply convenience into senior care. In Japan, this concept is called konbini. In a article in this quarter’s Stanford Social Innovation Review, author Noel Duan writes that in Japan you can find senior citizens gathering for hours at a time, not at a local social club, but at their neighborhood 7-Eleven. In addition to buying ready-made foods, they might be singing karaoke, participating in a calisthenics class, paying their bills, […]

Confluence of innovations cross industries and engineering interests: example of solar powered implant   Recently updated !

Imagine a solar implant that could power a medical device indefinitely. That’s the hope of many scientists looking at solar implants that can reduce the number of pacemaker procedures prompted by battery depletion. This trend was reported in Energy Harvesting by Subcutaneous Solar Cells: A Long-Term Study on Achievable Energy Output by Lucas Bereuter, Andreas Haeberlin, and colleagues writing in the Annals of Biomedical Engineering of January 2017. The team implanted panels, mounting them on armbands on 32 volunteers. The participants wore the device on their bicep for a week. The volunteers who kept a log of daily activities and […]

New technology tools as part of the brand experience   Recently updated !

In today’s pharma world where traditional avenues of growth have been harder to come by, improving compliance and adherence is an important area of focus for today’s marketers — especially since last year was a relatively low point in new drug approvals. Not to mention a year in which proposed price increases on marketed products attracted unwanted public attention. Improving patients’ ability to stay with the doctor’s prescriptions is in a key area of opportunity for drug companies. The optimal adherence rate for patients on medications for chronic diseases should be around 80%, according to Dr. Rajesh Balkrishnan, professor at […]

Looking back on 2016   Recently updated !

As I look back on 2016 I’ve realized I had a chance to apply almost all the brand innovation tools I’ve developed over the years. I was able to apply them in a variety of market, client, and brand lifecycle situations. A2U – I conducted more interviews, dyads, and focus groups than in the past several years. The findings from these awareness,, attitude and usage interviews were used to develop key findings, implications, and actions for a number of clients. StrategicGPS – the mapping of where we are to where we want to be proved valuable for many brand team […]

My A2U interviews reveal patients’ issue of limited time with doctor   Recently updated !

In all my interviews this year using my A2U discussion tool, one of the areas that came up over and over was the limited time patients have in a doctor’s office. To get the most out of this short time, and perhaps even a healthier outcome, here are 10 tips that doctors have recommended. This comes from an article in the Wall Street Journal called Get The Most Out Of A Trip To The Doctor, written by Sumathi Reddy. Having just 15 to 20 minutes with a doctor seems awfully short, but here’s how to get the most of it. […]